Our Story



Lily White Clothing is for all girls who dare to wear what represents their unique self, an urban bohemian with a fashionable flair who wants her creative personality to shine through.

Building on versatile tops and bottoms, Lily White Clothing incorporates style and comfort for celebrating our daily adventures. Our globetrotting design teams are on a constant quest to perfect the bold prints, flirty tops, and delicate knits that create the relaxed sophistication and urban elegance of our clothing.

At its core, Lily White brings pattern, color, and texture to a youthful and versatile wardrobe, reflecting the confidence and enhancing the life of any girl that wears them.

Lily White is about staying true to yourself and your style, while enjoying the adventures of life!





Where you are from?


How you got into the fashion industry?

My experience all came from retail and learned my way up from there

What are your inspirations?

All sorts of things: Mood, Color, People, Places….I




Where you are from?

Parents are immigrants from Japan. Grew up in Monterey Park, CA.

How you got into the fashion industry?

Infuenced by my designer mother that always sewed & knitted amazing outfits for my sisters & I.

What are your inspirations?

Inspired by traveling, art, music, fitness and food. Do not have specific favorite designers. Love everything from vintage, high street, contemporary, designer and one of a kind.




Where you are from?

Peoria, IL

How you got into the fashion industry?

I moved to San Francisco to attend school at the Academy of Art University after years of wanting to work in fashion. I interned in New York during Fashion Week and worked as a pattern maker out of school which helped get my foot in the door in the industry.

What are your inspirations?

I try to always surround myself with images and objects that inspire me- whether it be art, music, film, interior design- all forms of art always end up influencing each other. I’m also a vintage junkie- thrift shopping and wandering around flea markets give me some of the greatest inspiration for design. I also watch a lot of “old” movies from the ’20′s through the ’70′s- the details and craftsmanship in the costumes has always intrigued me.